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The City of Greenville Believes in the Financial Empowerment Centers

The City of Greenville’s Community Development Division improves the quality of life for low and moderate income residents by facilitating meaningful programs that address the root causes of poverty.

The Greenville Financial Empowerment Centers are an example of the type of program the City believes will provide a necessary and far-reaching tool to reduce poverty and homelessness in the community by helping to solve the kinds of problems that often lead to these situations.

To support their efforts, in 2018, the City recognized the Greenville Empowerment Centers with a $20,000 pilot investment award through its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding. The program was recognized because it directly addresses the root causes of poverty by empowering residents to become financially independent.

Through the one-on-one counseling provided at the centers, residents are equipped to achieve their financial goals, whether it’s to reduce debt or own an affordable home. And when all residents, regardless of income levels, are able to achieve economic security, their quality of life increases.

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