Greenville Financial Empowerment Center Goes Virtual to Help Residents Manage Financial Obligations in the Midst of the Public Health Crisis


Here for you

A Financial Empowerment Center is a satellite office for one of Greenville County Human Relations Commission's Financial Empowerment Counselors. These highly trained individuals are integrated into existing agencies to allow them to be easily accessed by you!


What do Financial Empowerment Counselors do? Well, a little of bit of everything! Household finances are the bedrock of your life, and your budgeting skills can make or break your monthly finances. Counselors are here to help with anything finance related- they are well versed in budgeting, savings, paying down debt, and building your credit score.


Thinking of buying a house? See a Counselor first! Struggling to pay down that debt? Come on in! Looking to find a little extra cushion in your monthly budget? We're here to help.


Greenville County Human Relations Commission has been working in your community for over thirty years, and Financial Empowerment Centers are just another innovative way we're committing to our mission to improve the quality of life here in Greenville County.


A Bit of Background

The Greenville Financial Empowerment Centers are an initiative launched by Greenville County Human Relations Commission. Greenville County Human Relations Commission was established to promote positive community relations and equal opportunity to the residents of Greenville County. With the support of the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund we have established these Centers in a neighborhood near you in order to be a part of your community. We want to make sure that you have a convenient location and a trusted Financial Empowerment Counselor that you can talk to whenever you may have a need.